Aupa Villareal

Villareal resumed its 2nd foray into Europe's elite with a 1-0 win over Celtic. Classic Villareal, control the ball, keep a clean sheet and score a goal or two. Along with Manchester United, Villareal will advance from this group in all probability.
Super Villareal :) Super Submarino


Out of touch

Time flies.

I havent blogged about football in 2 months! wow!

Villareal is #1 in Spain after 5 games, Although Valencia could push them down to 2nd after their game tomorrow on better goal difference.

What scenes in the Catalan derby!!! incredible!!! what is the recourse when the visiting fans start violence as was the case in Barcelona today when some idiots of FC Barcelona start throwing flares on the pitch in the home ground of Espanyol? No idea.

Good to be back :) Aupa Villareal!