Argentina x México - Observations

1. México started brightly but as luck would have it, the couldnt breakthrough

2. While the offside goal was unfortunate, the killer was the terrible 2nd goal. That was unacceptable. The game was over right there.

3. Looks like Man. Utd have got themselves a talented young striker (no not Rooney).

4. Messi denied a goal again, for the 4th game in a row. I dont think he cares as long as his team wins.

5. 5 world cups in a row, México exited in the 2nd round. The +ve side of it they made it out of the group 5 times in a row. 6th time lucky? we will know 4 years from now.

6. After the game ended, México fans were still singing and having fun unlike the Argentinians who had already left the scene. I liked the spirit. One of these years they will breakthrough and I would love to be a part of that party.

¡Viva México!

Germany X England - Observations

1. The new Germany is wicked good, especially when they attack.

2. Having said that, German defence is not that reliable nor is the goalkeeper. England didnt even test them on a consistent basis.

3. Typical England, a world of hype coming in, huge letdown since day#1.

4. England scored 3 goals in 4 games only one of which came from a striker(Defoe). What happened to the 'world's best' striker Rooney (if you believed the hype)
3a. While we are at it can we please pull the plug on that Nike ad of Rooney?

5. Klöse's goal shows what is the difference between an average-good striker who scores 15 odd goals a season Vs a very good one who score 20+ goals a season, that extra bit.

6. England can put all the blame on the referee but it was 2-1 when the non-goal incident happened and almost 50 minutes of the game left, Germany scored 2 more in the 2nd half. Germany was superior to England in all aspects.

7. Fabio Capello is a great coach at the club levels where he can get the exact type of players he wants, I think he is yet to figure out coaching at the national level which puts extra limitations on the pool of players to select from. Even then I can understand if he is coaching Uruguay or Slovenia with a limited pool of players. But England?

8. Germany x Argentina - another classic, a repeat of the 2006 quarterfinal which Germany won on penalties after coming from behind. Can they do it again?


World Cup after Day#10

South America - impressive.
North America - very good.
Western Europe - fail.
Rest of Europe - good.
Asia - average.
Africa - disappointing.
New Zealand - stuff of dreams.


World Cup day 2 - quick hits

Game #3 Greece x Korean Republic - 0-2
It is not just the Greek economy that is in crisis. Their football team is in the same boat if not worse. They looked very poor against a well organized and slick South Korea. I am impressed by the Koreans.

Game #4 Argentina x Nigeria - 1-0
The 'Maradona circus' has begun. Smashing start to the game with an early goal. Argentina played very well for about 30 minutes. They created a slew of chances but the Nigerian keeper stopped all but one of them. Nigeria played much better in the 2nd half and they were very close to equalize. Argentina is great going forward but very dodgy at the back.

Game #5 USA x England - 1-1
Undoubtedly the game of the day especially in the US. England started off very brightly with a very early goal. England was the superior side for most of the first half. However a monumental mistake by England GK allowed the US equalizer. The game was more even in the 2nd half although England dominate stretches but was unable to get past the US goal keeper. Probably the most entertaining game of the first two days.

World Cup Day 1 quick hits

Game # 1 South Africa X Mexico - 1-1
Mexico started very brightly, forcing the SA goalkeeper into making some point blank saves. South Africa slowly got into the game and took a shock lead on a quick counter-attack early in the 2nd half. The home team grew in confidence every passing minute and were very close to going 2-0 up. However, Mexico battled back and equalized to draw level and thats how it ended.

Game # 2 Uruguay x France - 0-0


En fin - I couldnt make it

In the end, world cup coincided with a 180 move in terms of projects at work.akin to riding 3 boats at the same time without knowing how to swim.

I have to do a better job once the WC starts


Quilmes Argentina Ad (from 2006)

This is by far the most intense and emotional ad I have seen for world cup.

Quilmes the offical sponsor of the Albiceleste.


Lyrics here >>

Bendito sea el Mundial con que soñamos.
Bendito cada nombre que ha sido designado.
Benditos los pibes que siempre sacamos.
El peso de la historia, el respeto ganado.

Malditos sean los recuerdos dolorosos.
Maldita la impotencia, la injusticia que vivimos.
El volvernos a casa cada uno por su lado.
Las finales sin jugar, el quedar en el camino.

Bendita la anestecia general a los dolores,
Las tristezas que curamos con abrazos,
Las gargantas que se rompen por los goles,
El sentirnos los mejores por un rato.

Malditos los sorteos y los Grupos de la Muerte,
Los controles sin azar que signaron nuestra suerte,
Malditos los mezquinos que juegan sin poesía,
Los que pegan, los que envidian, los que rompen y lastiman.

Bendito sea el orgullo con que entramos a la cancha,
El potrero y la pelota no se manchan,
La tv que repite la gambeta,
Inflar las redes de los otros, inflar el pecho de los nuestros
Merecer la CaMiSeTA!!!

Los turistas, los cronistas, los sponsors, los amigos
El himno, las mujeres siguiendo los partidos.
Benditas las cábalas que dan resultado,
Las risas y el llanto que guardaremos tanto.

Y bendito ese momento que nos regala el fútbol
De poder cambiar nuestro destino…
Y sentir otra vez y frente al mundo …
lo “glorioso” y lo “groso” de ser ARGENTINO


Cansado y Ocupado

Hay tanto trabajo que no me deja escribir sobre el fútbol y el mundial. aún tengo que escribir previstas de 27 equipos! vaya lío. pero lo intentaré

There is so much that I dont have time to write about football and the world cup. I still need to write previews for the remain 27 teams. Looks impossible, but I will try.