Germany X England - Observations

1. The new Germany is wicked good, especially when they attack.

2. Having said that, German defence is not that reliable nor is the goalkeeper. England didnt even test them on a consistent basis.

3. Typical England, a world of hype coming in, huge letdown since day#1.

4. England scored 3 goals in 4 games only one of which came from a striker(Defoe). What happened to the 'world's best' striker Rooney (if you believed the hype)
3a. While we are at it can we please pull the plug on that Nike ad of Rooney?

5. Klöse's goal shows what is the difference between an average-good striker who scores 15 odd goals a season Vs a very good one who score 20+ goals a season, that extra bit.

6. England can put all the blame on the referee but it was 2-1 when the non-goal incident happened and almost 50 minutes of the game left, Germany scored 2 more in the 2nd half. Germany was superior to England in all aspects.

7. Fabio Capello is a great coach at the club levels where he can get the exact type of players he wants, I think he is yet to figure out coaching at the national level which puts extra limitations on the pool of players to select from. Even then I can understand if he is coaching Uruguay or Slovenia with a limited pool of players. But England?

8. Germany x Argentina - another classic, a repeat of the 2006 quarterfinal which Germany won on penalties after coming from behind. Can they do it again?

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