World Cup day 2 - quick hits

Game #3 Greece x Korean Republic - 0-2
It is not just the Greek economy that is in crisis. Their football team is in the same boat if not worse. They looked very poor against a well organized and slick South Korea. I am impressed by the Koreans.

Game #4 Argentina x Nigeria - 1-0
The 'Maradona circus' has begun. Smashing start to the game with an early goal. Argentina played very well for about 30 minutes. They created a slew of chances but the Nigerian keeper stopped all but one of them. Nigeria played much better in the 2nd half and they were very close to equalize. Argentina is great going forward but very dodgy at the back.

Game #5 USA x England - 1-1
Undoubtedly the game of the day especially in the US. England started off very brightly with a very early goal. England was the superior side for most of the first half. However a monumental mistake by England GK allowed the US equalizer. The game was more even in the 2nd half although England dominate stretches but was unable to get past the US goal keeper. Probably the most entertaining game of the first two days.

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