Super Barça!

Barcelona destroyed Atlético Madrid. 3-0 after 8 min. 5-1 after 28 min. Ended 6-1 although it could have been 12-1 without many surprises.

Get this : Even Thierry Henry looked fabulous when he came on as a sub in the 2nd half when he scored a great goal.

Villareal looked and played tired for 60 odd minutes. But overcame a 1st half goal by Betis within a minute in which they scored twice. 2-1.

Real Madrid failed to breakdown a very focussed and enterprising Espanyol to end the day. In two weeks Atlético Madrid X Real Madrid.

National team return this weekend and mid-week next week.


Vaya La Liga!!!

La Liga's had the best game day in UEFA and Champions League this past Tue-Wed-Thu.

4 teams in the Champions League.
Villareal, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atleticó Madrid all won their games to go top in their groups (or tie for #1 as in the case of Villareal and Atleticó)
4 teams in the UEFA Cup

Deportivo, Racing, Valencia and Sevilla all move on to the group stage of the 2nd tier European competition.

This weekend in Spain -

Villareal kick-off the weekend at home agains Real Betis followed by the biggest game of the weekend, Atleticó @ Barcelona!

El Kun X La Pulga
Agüero X Messi

I have a feeling that Barcelona will win this game to put back on track their title race. It is going to be an exciting game for sure!

Aupa Submarino!