Super Geta!

This is a piece I wrote after the heartbreaking loss of Getafe at home to Bayern Munich in the 2nd leg of the UEFA cup quarterfinal.

If they can hold on to their coach and keep playing this way next season, they can be the next Villareal :)

No kidding. The UEFA cup quarterfinal between Getafe and Bayern Munich was an epic. Did anyone follow this game?

This is the 2nd leg of the Quarterfinal. 1-1 was the result in Munich. 90th minute away goal by Getafe. A monumental upset on the cards. Getafe is a small club at the southern outskirts of Madrid. They don’t have much of a history in the Primera Liga much less in terms of winning trophies. Their best showing was a final in the Copa Del Rey in Spain last season( they are in the final again this season). They never sold-out their nice little stadium ever. The other thing they are notorious for is the fact that their president is a life long registered member of the Real Madrid fan club.

In that backdrop this team of no-names played out of their skins to get the away goal and draw in Munich. Their best player that day was the young Spanish midfielder Rueben de la Red apart from the goal scored Cosmin Contra(does anyone remember him play for Inter Milan or some big Italian club for a while). Over the last week so much build for Getafe (now christened as “euro-geta”). The stadium sold-out. The king of Spain who doesn’t watch much football normally, decided to watch this one. The crown prince too. And then a few stars of Real Madrid and a whole bunch of other big suits are in house to watch the beloved EuroGeta hold out the European giant Bayern. (the joke was that everything and everyon except the Olympic torch were present at the game). Getafe missed some players due to injury and accumulation of yellow cards but then again.. its not like they had any super-stars to begin with.

Opening of the game was electric. Bayern almost scored in the first minute. (uiy uiy! Madre mia!sufriendo el Geta ). Disaster in the 5th min. De la Red direct red for a foul. Seemed a bit harsh but I was just listening and to a radio station from Madrid so it was injustice.. UEFA wants big clubs in the finals.. referee is bought.. bla bla.. all the usual stuff. .

Geta re-jigs a bit.. pull a striker back to play midfield. They lined-up 4-4-2, brave when even bigger teams line-up with a packed midfield to stifle opposition with the away goal advantage. More disaster. One of the midfielders is injured and had to be subbed. (oh and the usual referee is bought comments continue with every whistle that goes against the home team) Bayern starts peppering the 18 yd box of Geta.. lots of crosses misses a few that hit the post and a lot of desperate defending.

And then close to half-time.. comes the Gol!!!!! Geta scores!!!! That man Cosmin Contra again! 1-0 getafe. The king and the prince jump from their seats to celebrate (as described in the radio.. 10 Vs 12 (referee included) and still Geta scores!). Incredible game. After the redcard I didn’t think they stand a chance against the powerful Bayern side. Amazing that they went a goal up at halftime. Second half saw more desperate defending and goalkeeping. Getafe had their moments to score a 2nd and make it difficult for Bayern. About a minute or two left in the regulation. Bayern force corner after corner and finally to the stunned silence and the disappointment of all of Spain (and myself) Bayern equalizes… .


I was absolutely sure Geta will shut it down try to take it to penalties. Cos Bayern had the following 4 attackers on the field. Toni, Klose, Ribery and Podolski. Boy was I wrong. Getafe scored 2 in the first half of extra-time. 3-1! 1 playing a man down for almost all the game against a very superior opponent (atleast on paper). Bayern intensified their attack and the game was practically being played in or around the penalty box of Getafe. Luca Toni scored the 2nd in 117th minute. Nerves. Nerves. Toni scores a definitive and a cruel (for everyone except Bayern fans may be) 3rd in what would be the last moments of the game! 3-3.    Bayern eliminates Getafe on away goals.

I think this is the first time I ever wished we had the Golden goal or even the Silver goal rule. As it always happens, “almost” doesn’t make it.

Super game. Cruel result. Aupa Geta !

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