Jose Mourinho & Real Madrid : The Saga has begun.

Mourinho is all set to be appointed the manager of Real Madrid this week. This is going to be interesting. A marriage of 2 conflicting models and philosophies. On one side we have Real Madrid, the biggest football club in the world with a very business like corporate structure which includes a board of directors and sporting director who is incharge of all the transfers and signing new players and the only duty of the coach/manager is to manage the team.
On the other side we have Jose Mourinho who demands (and gets) a carte-blanche and total control of the signings and transfers along with the training and managing the team.

Both are now united by necessity from Real Madrid's perspective as they have been searching for the elusive mix of the playing beautifully and winning. For Mourinho this is another jewel in his already glittering crown but based on his stints at Porto, Chelsea & Inter, he is more interested in winning than the 'play beautiful football' part.
Agreed, style of play is a very very subjective thing. Real Madrid fans and Madrid press are a fickle lot. These folks booed Zidane in his time as well Cristiano Ronaldo at times this past season.

Will Mourinho adapt? Can he achieve the twin objectives of Real Madrid to play beautiful football & win the titles?

Madrid is paying a boatload of money to get Mourinho to Madrid. Neither Real Madrid nor Mourinho is known for their patience. Lots of ego, pride and money. It remains to be seen how this will pan out through the summer and in the coming season.

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