Does Football need Joan Laporta's politics ?


What a mess this is turning out to be at Barçelona. Completely overshadowing the steady work of new coach Pep Guardiola building a team with a new identity and character at Barçelona with the imminent loss of Ronaldinho and Etoo.


Barça is still missing a #9 in the mould of Etoo. Henry.. seems like a spent force. Rest of the Barçelona midfield is very very small and at times is trigger-shy.

Uiy Qué pena esté señor Laporta y todo el rollo de la moción de censura.. las politicas.. ay ay ay!
Al menos nos falto un mes más de este periodo de las porquerias y tonterias.

What a mess Mr. Laporta and the whole circus has been.. We have a month of this madness left before the games start.

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