Nothing to write

Good Football is still about a month away. Until then I dont have much to write.

Schedule for 08-09 season of La Liga has been announced. hmm.. all the heavy weight games are stacked in december and the corresponding return games in May.

My partisan support for Villareal aside, it will be interesting to see the progress of Pep Guardiola at Barcelona as well as that of the one of the best young coaches of last season Unai Emery (at Almeria) now at Valencia. At this point it looks like they will keep Villa and Silva which can only be good. Valencia is the worst managed top-flight club in all of Spain if not in all of Europe. But any team that has the likes of Villa, Silva, Joaquin, Albelda and Baraja is unlikely to have another bad season like the last one.

Atletico Madrid has been hyper-active in the transfer market. Lots of new faces and high hopes on playing the Champions league. But first they will have to negotiate the tricky Champions League 3rd round tie, which is going to be against a good team due to their low-standing in Europe.

Back to Barcelona, the key question is can Henry still do it? He will be relatively fresh owing to the early exit of France in Euro 08 and Bojan who did not play in the Euro. Barcelona is still shopping around Etoo and get one of Berbatov, Drogba or Adebayor to replace him.

I think if Messi stays healthy for the most part of the season, I feel they will be a tough team to beat not only in La Liga but in the Champions League as well.

Oh well.. this post is descending into transfer talk. I cut it here :)

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