Adiós Felipao! Adiós Aguirre

Luis Felipé Scolari aka Big Phil (Felipao) has been dumped by Chelsea today. Great coach. It looked like a great fit to start with. But increasingly as time ticked, looked not such a great fit. But the word is that he lost his players.

Javier Aguirre the amiable mexican also fired by Atlético Madrid last week. And what do you know they register a thumping in what would their first victory of 2009. I watched the game, it is not like the new coach did anything out of the ordinary. Sounds similar to Felipao's story.

It is one thing when a team tries hard, their coach included and loses. And the coach loses the job. But it seems very cynical that the over-spoilt lot of players just abandon a coach when they feel they need a change. Infact it is akin to denying ones livelihood only to give 120% in the very next game with a new manager/coach to give him a winning start.

USA X México Update

Well its a little less than 48 hours to go. I will be watching this with a bunch of co-workers in our office cafeteria. I hope it is a good game. Looks like so far neither party is talking loud. Everyone is saying the mundane things and all the usual "coachspeak" before the games. I want the sparks to fly.

Brazil X Italy tomorrow. although it is a friendly. Gonna be another boring affair.

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