USA x México - WC 2010 Qualifiers begin

this wednesday.
the super-clasico of CONCACAF kicks off in cold and blustery Columbus, Ohio.

As the big game is approaching, I found this piece very funny. seems like the Mexican fans are taking to voodoo dolls to end their long winless streak on US soil.
I used to work in México and one of my best moments was watching the March 2005 México x USA qualifier in Azteca. with more than 100k people in the stadium of which probably 99,500 were rooting for the home team. The place was buzzing and it was an awesome experience.

I wish they played this game in Seattle :). But is obvious that every team tries to get as much out of the home-field advantage as possible. I have never been to Ohio, Chicago or any part of Midwest. Is the weather really that miserable in Columbus, Ohio?.
Although 6-7 starters of Mexico play their club football in cold climes like Germany, the Netherlands and Northern Spain, So I bet it is more of psychological thing these days.

Another interesting view point I have read gives another reason to play in Columbus which has a very small stadium, so that they can restrict the # of Mexican fans getting into the place. I am not sure if this theory is valid. Although I can see that it is entirely possible. I am not sure US Soccer has enough fans to fill the major part of a 60k stadium.

Too often the games between these teams are very boring (except for the fans of the winning side) and one-sided featuring lots of fouls and stoppages.
Whoever scores first wins almost all of the times.

I hope this will be entertaining although I don’t except it to be.
Prediction : México will improve upon their previous 5-6 games in US by scoring a goal but will go down 2-1.

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