Day 11 - Cordoba :: the word every Austrian is buzzing about

Cordoba, Argentina 1978.
The last time Austria shocked West Germany 3-2. They have to do it again tomorrow if they want to advance to the 2nd round.
Defying all logic, form, strength of squads the Austrians actually seem to believe it. The coach of Austria was a part of the miracle 30 years ago. Even he believes they can achieve this and not losing anytime to point out that the pressure is on their more illustrious neighbors.

Germany on the otherhand seemed a total disaster against a well drilled Croat outfit 3 days ago and with injury doubts to Podolski and Lahm, their run-up to this game which suddenly became a do-or-die game has been anything but ideal. German coach Loew has promised a different looking and a more hungry German team come Monday. They better be at their 100%. Because the Austrians are going to be at their peak, and have the huge home crowd behind them.

Can Austria pull this off? or the Germans will regain their composture to advance to take on Portugal in the QF?

At the beginning of the Cup, I thought this would be one of the boring games. Boy was I wrong :)

The other game has Poland play Croatia. The Poles still have a mathematical chance to qualify they win and Austria wins and end with higher GD than they Austrians. Improbable but no impossible.

cant wait for day 11.

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