day 2 - too much talk about Germany X Poland

Fact : i found that 2/7 who cared to voice their opinion voted that this blog is lame. :)

Its day 2 in Austria and Switzerland.

There is a huge buildup for the Germany and Poland game. Mostly due to what was said by the ex-manager of Germany, Klinnsmann in a team meeting (or something similar) and then the photos of a few german players beheaded along with polish coach Leo Beenhakker in a Polish tabloid. Leo has apologized since then but then the damage is already done.
Germany will win this very easily. They have too much all round firepower compared to the Poles.

The 2nd co-host Austria kick-off their campaign today. Widely tipped as not only the worst team in this edition of Euro but over the past few. That said, they are playing and home and might cause a surprise or two. Croatia is consensus dark-horse among the media. But I only remember similar tags attached to them in the last world cup 2 years ago. I think Austria might spring a surprise by getting a draw.

Ou la la! I have so much work to do. :(. Its weekend and these matches. Oh well... Back to work.

Oh and on the otherside of the draw, Spain is poised to play with two strikers. Villa and Torres in what would be a 4-4-2 formation. This in my opinion is better than 4-1-4-1 favored by the coach because 4-4-2 ensures Villa starts and they wont be too dependent on Torres to score. And then there is Xavi, the savior :). Vamos España!

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Well, if they think the blog is lame, they can stop reading rather than giving negative comments. You're doing great job here.