day 11 - what remains of the group of death?

Who and what will remain of the Group of death. We know the Dutch have already survived and in great style. Now it is upto Romania, France and Italy to avoid death.
Italy seems to have forgotten how to defend and France well they seem all at sea, so much so that their coach either doesnt know or doesnt want to play the best formation to take advantage of the exicting young talent he has at his disposal.
Retreads and retirement candidates like Viera, Thuram wont help them. Henry is past his prime longtime ago.

Italy on the otherhand seemed to play good in patches but their defence and Luca Toni's terrible first touch have left them in the mess they are in. When they did get their line-up right in the 2nd game they ran into a spirited Adrian Mutu and Romania. Thanks to Buffon they are still in the hunt for the 2nd place.

However, the France X Italy match will turn into a dead rubber if Romania wins against the Oranje Crush who are sure to rest most of their line-up from the 1st 2 games.

Cant wait for the games to start! One of those days you wish you had 2 pairs of eyes to watch these games simultaneously!

Prediction - Everything points to a Romanian win. So I go the opposite. Romania gets beat by Holland 3-2 and much to the chagrin of a lot of Italian fans France will go through with 1-0 in the 84th minute.

Bye Bye Austria - if only you had a half-decent striker.

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