day 8 adiós Greece! and nobody's is crying for that

On a day when Spain looked frustrated for most of the night only to bailed out by the poacher's instinct of David Villa deep into injury time, Greece made an uncerimonious exit to the tourney. And they deserved every bit of that. Probably the worst team of this cup. Yes I think even Austria and the Swiss have more to offer than the Greeks and their tactics. They worked in 2004 but 2008 is a different ball game. Much more competitive games and interesting games.

Match day 2 ended with todays games with 2 teams eliminated, 4 teams qualifying for the QF and 10 teams fighting for the remaining 4 QF berths.

Sweden can feel undone by the late goal of Villa but they didnt deserve much in a game where they had the Spanish frustrated for long spells during the game. The injury to Ibrahimovic didnt help either. But they are still in with a good chance against the Russians. A draw is enough to carry them into the Quarterfinals where the Oranje Dutch are waiting.

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